Liesbeth Hagen

The exhibition is from the 1th of January 2023 to the 1th of March 2023.

My inspiration for this exhibition comes from my love of nature, which I developed during my ten-year stay in Denmark and Sweden.

Once back in Amsterdam, I missed the outdoors, so I moved to France later in life, where I live in the countryside and have space in my studio to create large paintings.

From an early age I have been involved in various forms of art. I started as a goldsmith and once I returned from Scandinavia I went to the Academy of Fine Arts, where I chose the direction of Free Painting. I then worked as a documentary filmmaker.

The influence of my painting work on my films is obvious, a lot of attention to framing and color and although you don’t make a painting in a “split minute,” many of my paintings are snapshots, and in that sense the movement I put into them again has a link to my earlier film work.

But I also try to capture the serenity of nature, as in Remembrance of the North, the painting on the invitation.

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